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  • BOV Investment Funds
    Designed for those interested in investing in line with ones risk tolerance. ...
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BOV Investment Funds
Three distinct portfolio funds

BOV Asset Management Limited is offering three new portfolio funds under a common contractual fund structure.  The three new investments, namely the BOV Conservative Portfolio Fund, BOV Balanced Portfolio Fund and the BOV Growth Portfolio Fund, are portfolio funds of the BOV Investment Fund.

A different investment concept
  • These three portfolio funds are designed to offer you the possibility to invest your money in line with your risk tolerance.

  • The main distinction between the three portfolio funds is that each one has a distinct level of risk and a corresponding potential reward.

  • As the level of uncertainty in markets changes over time, we will make use of different asset classes, to help diversify your portfolio whilst seeking to maintain it within the same level of risk tolerance.

  • Through these portfolio funds you can benefit from what is referred to as ‘diversification through lower correlation’ as different asset classes respond differently to changing economic conditions. This is why not all investments move in the same direction all the time.

  • Some assets do better than others during economic booms, others fare better during slowdowns while varying geographical exposures also helps in achieving better correlation benefits and investment performance.

  • Correlation measures the strength of the relationship between asset classes.

  • Thanks to our broad and global investment parameters, we will seek to add to your portfolio, assets which exhibit low tendency to move together in the same direction.

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