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    Designed for those interested in investing in line with ones risk tolerance. ...
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eTrader+ powered by Saxo Bank 

gives frequent traders low-cost real-time access to all major stock exchanges over Saxo Bank’s robust trading platforms.

Now you can trade from your PC and all mobile devices (iOS, Android and Windows Phone) and place orders anytime, anywhere. Access data, news and analysis and log into your account on-the-go.

With eTrader+ powered by Saxo Bank, you get:

  • Instant order/trade confirmation
  • Access trading accounts directly
  • View account balance and portfolio details
  • Safe & Secure
  • Convenient & Fast
  • Transparent
  • Access to Advanced Trading Tools
  • Online access to trade reports
  • All control at your fingertips

The Saxo Bank trading platform service is only suitable for seasoned investors who trade frequently. Accordingly, Saxo Bank will charge traders who avail themselves of this service, an inactivity fee of USD100 or equivalent in the account currency,  if the trader's account  with Saxo Bank has not been utilised for  any trading activity during a period of 6 consecutive months (180 days) .

BOV shall not provide any investment advice  to persons trading on the Saxo Bank trading platform.  Such traders are solely responsible for their investment decisions.  Traders are encouraged to consult their own independent financial/tax advisors in relation to trading undertaken in relation to investment instruments offered by Saxo Bank through the Platform.

Saxo Bank is incorporated in Denmark as a licensed bank and is regulated by the Danish Financial Services Authority.  Saxo Bank's trading platform is being made available by Saxo Bank to clients in Malta under the cross border passporting provisions of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive.

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